Efficient and secure meetings – TICE is now available for Android

With the release of the Android version of TICE, nothing stands in the way of securely sharing your own location with friends and family.

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With TICE, the app from TICE Software UG (haftungsbeschränkt), friends, family and colleagues can share their live location during a meeting and see in real time where the others are. With TICE you no longer wait in vain on the wrong corner, miss each other or have to keep wondering when the others will finally arrive.

TICE was developed by and for people who like to meet up with people. The app is simple and intuitive – starting a meeting is straight forward and the invitation can be shared with anyone over any platform. The people who meet can see themselves on a map in real time, can set meeting points, follow the routes of the others and chat.

Whether meeting friends, family or colleagues – with TICE your own sensitive location information is protected by modern end-to-end encryption – even from us as the operator. This means that your own location, identity and chat messages remain secret.

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The free app is now available in the Play Store for all Android devices from version 5.0. With the support of iOS, Android and the web, TICE now allows real platform-independent location sharing.

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TICE is a free app and is developed by TICE Software. Sufficiently financed by scholarships in the past and currently agency work, TICE promises to be a secure and data protection-friendly app for efficient meetings with others.

About TICE Software

The three founders Andreas Ganske, Fabio Tacke and Simon Kempendorf have received several scholarships since 2018, including the Berlin Startup Stipendium and EXIST, to work on the TICE app.

In October 2019 they founded TICE Software UG (haftungsbeschränkt) for their project based in Berlin. In the scientific industrial location Adlershof, they are working on their vision that people can meet more easily and without annoying questions.