Location Sharing App TICE – Map with family members sharing their location


Locate Friends & Meet Up

The secure location sharing app for meeting up and locating friends and family in real-time.

Privacy by Design and modern encryption protect the sensitive location data from others – even from us. This is how everyone comes together.

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Glimpse into our
location sharing app

Share your location quickly and easily with friends, family and others. The intuitive user interface helps you reach your goals. And even with the strong encryption offered by TICE, we designed the app so that you don’t have to worry about it.

And even if TICE is encrypted, the app was developed in such a way that you have as few points of contact with cryptographic properties as possible.

Glance on the map,
to see everyones location.

By sharing your location with others, you can stay connected and find each other quickly. TICE allows real time location tracking and meeting point organisation.

TICE aims to show calculated time of arrivals and much more in the future – so that annoying questions like who, where and when finally have an end.

Simple Meetings

Do you want to meet up? Go ahead and invite people via your favorite messenger to your TICE group. If they join, you can share your location and see each other in real time on a map.

Private & secure

We rely on privacy by design through true end-to-end encryption, transparent servers, secure protocols and modern cryptography. This is how we protect your data from others – even from us.

Meeting points

Set meeting points with TICE, which are shared with everyone in the group. This way, everyone knows where to head. Use the instant group messaging chat for sharing more detailed information.

Full control

You control who sees your location and when. Only share your location if you really want to, like e.g. on your way home, instead of 24/7 tracking. Interrupt location sharing at any time.

For everyone

TICE is a universal app for the use between friends and acquaintances. The app runs on iOS and Android. But other people can join via the web as well – no setup required.

Made in Berlin

We are a small team from Berlin and develop TICE with true passion. Too much time has been wasted with confusing coordination of people – TICE puts an end to this.

All location data stay private.

TICE was developed, so that you keep control over your data. Only you and those who you choose can see your location. And only in the occasions you want, instead of 24/7 tracking.

Through end-to-end encryption and transparency we offer high data protection. This way we preserve your privacy and protect your messages and location data from others – even from us.

Download TICE

TICE is available for iPhone and the Web, so everyone can use TICE to meet up with any group sizes. Download our location sharing app for iOS now from the App Store and start meeting up with TICE.

Additionally TICE is available on the free and open source software catalog F-Droid.

Download on the App Store
Download on the App Store
Get it on F-Droid

The Roadmap of TICE

Location sharing and chatting with TICE between people using iOS, Android and the web is already supported.

But our vision for TICE is far from over. We want to equip TICE with features that make meetings even easier, more efficient and safer.

TICE is open source and thus offers the possibility of active participation. Do you have an idea for TICE? Discuss them on GitHub Discussions or help develop the two native clients for iOS and Android.

Meet the TICE-Team

Photo of Andreas Ganske

Andreas Ganske

Visionary & Doer

Co-Founder, Strategy, 
Marketing, Frontend, Design

Fabio Tacke

Organizer & Thinker

Co-Founder, Frontend, 
Operative Business

Simon Kempendorf

Networker & Creative

Co-Founder, Finance, 
Backend, HR

TICE was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund in 2019 as part of the EXIST programme.