Finally Meetups without

Finally Meetups without

TICE allows location based coordination with friends, staff and customers using a secure real time location sharing app.

Privacy by Design and modern encryption protect the sensitive location data from others – even from us.

This is how everyone comes together – simply and securely.

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TICE is the answer to

Who, where and when?

TICE allows real time location tracking, meeting point organisation, calculated time of arrivals and much more – so that annoying questions like who, where and when finally have an end.

Through end-to-end encryption and transparency we offer high data protection without having to do without smart features such as proximity notifications, geofences and others and are therefore predestined for use in companies.

Where can I use TICE?
Where TICE shines

Our use cases


City Tours

TICE allows you to see the guide and/or participants in real time on a map. So nobody loses touch before or while a tour anymore.


Delivery Logistics

With TICE suppliers and employees can share their locations with the customer and thus increase customer satisfaction.


Friends & Family

Choose a location and see when family, friends and acquaintances arrive at the meeting point - no more questions like where are you?.



We rely on modern end-to-end encryption. With TICE security personnel can coordinate themselves professionally on a site.

Simple Coordination

You want to meet? Invite people via your favorite messenger or directly in the app. Once they agree to the meeting, you (and only you) can see you and your arrival times in real time on a map.

Meeting points and ETA

TICE shows the calculated arrival times of group members, navigates you to the meeting point and informs you if someone comes later. You can also chat with your group at any time.

Private and Secure

We rely on privacy by design through true end-to-end encryption, transparent servers, secure protocols and modern cryptography. This is how we protect your data from others - even from us.

Full Control

You control who sees your location and when. Interrupt location sharing at any time or rely on automatic termination when meeting point is reached, after a specified time, or when leaving the defined area.

For all and everyone

TICE is a universal app for the use between friends and acquaintances, but also in companies between employees and during customer contact. TICE runs on iOS, Android and the web - for minimal hurdles in use.

Made in Berlin

We are a small team from Berlin and develop TICE with true passion. Too much time has been wasted with confusing coordination of people (I don't see you, can you jump and wave?) - TICE puts an end to this.

For a shared future

We need strong pilot customers

We want to collaborate with strong partners and help set new standards in the quality of services.

TICE is in development - so we can react efficiently and flexibly to new challenges and ideas. Together we can significantly improve the quality of future meetings, employee coordination and customer satisfaction.

Who is we?
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We are TICE

Simon Kempendorf

Networker & Creative

Co-Founder, Finance,
Backend, HR

Fabio Tacke

Organizer & Thinker

Operative Business

Andreas Ganske

Visionary & Doer

Co-Founder, Strategy,
Marketing, Design

TICE is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST programme and is currently in the start-up phase.

Funded by BMWi and ESF Contact
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